Finding the right Real estate Agent in Waukesha County Wisconsin (3)

In this installment of our series we will talk about what to look for in selecting a commercial/Investment broker whether you are buying or selling commercial real estate. It’s easy to see a lot of the great buys out there
and there are many parts to the equation in buying or selling commercial real estate. When I sit down with a party that starts to pursue commercial avenues I ask them their needs and wants. I always recommend that they have a good attorney and accountant to talk to. I further ask them whether they are buying or selling how their accountant is going to structure the transaction, how they are going to finance the transaction and if I will be helping them find financing, and if there is anything
that I need to know as far as if they are buying it themselves or as an Entity (Corporation of some kind)


I further would recommend to anyone that is buying or selling Waukesha County commercial real estate that whoever they choose to work with has great experience and how many
commercial transactions they do each year, and have done. It is important to ask about their schooling and learning of commercial real estate. For example; I have had amazing mentors over the years but I also have taken necessary CCIM classes.  The agents networking skills are paramount, and get some numbers of past commercial clients and fellow brokers they have worked with. Experience is key in a commercial relationship. The agent you are working with should be able to execute a APOD ( annual property operating data sheet) and a CFAT (cash
flow after taxes) work sheets to calculate the cash flow, the expenses, and to get a great idea of the beast you are pursuing. Alternative cash flow sheets help as well. Never be afraid to ask for references, what tools they use for marketing (Example or, both are good commercial sites that offer much.

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Cash flow is always important, but so are Tax shelters and approaches, and the appreciation of a building and the depreciation is also very important. For example if some one were doing a delayed or simultaneous exchange ( a Starker Exchange in reference to IRS section code 1031 ) they would be trying to diminish their capital gains (rules apply) but the depreciation would be added back into the equation which changes the Gain. The bottom line is to feel comfortable with the agent you are working with, and that they are well rounded, experienced, and very knowledgeable in the commercial real estate sector.



There are many more tips I could give you and I welcome a call at 262-377-1459 or an email at so I may be able to help you with them. The Waukesha County Real Estate market is great and so is the Waukesha County Commercial Real estate as well as the Milwaukee County commercial real estate market.

Please visit our previous post which the topic was  Tom Braatz, How do I find the right real estate agent in Waukesha County? Series (#1 of 6) is finding the right agent to list your home.

The next part of our series  “Tom Braatz, How do I find the right real estate agent in Waukesha County? Series (#2 of 6)” the topic is be selecting the right real estate agent in Waukesha County to help you buy a home.


Have a productive day and I will see you at closing!


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