The History of Waukesha Beach in Pewaukee Wisconsin

Driving along the beach front looking out at Pewaukee Lake you wouldn’t think of the history and activity that existed there at one point. It wasn’t too long ago that we could always congregate at Calvanos for a waukesha beach 1911

Monday night open music party, at least from what I can recollect. Now all street car pewaukee wisconsinthat is gone and there is a magnificent board walk of buildings in the whole streets place. prior to that, it was a simple life and enjoyment, trolley cars, picnics, and eventually an amusement park. That is all gone now and the only thing that is certain in ones eyes is the same magnificent Pewaukee Lake. My grandmother used to tell me that everyone lakein Waukesha would come out and spend the day and evening at Waukesha beach. The name was conceived by two businessmen that purchased a parcel in 1893. P.J. Buckley and T.E. Ryan purchased a portion of land along the southern side of Pewaukee Lake. The two named their new plot Waukesha Beach.

Right around the turn of the new century, Foster C. Phelps, owner of a Waukesha resort hotel and mayor of the City, purchased Waukesha Beach. In the beginning, Waukesha Beach was a nice, calm place to go and relax a bit. Visitors could take a leisurely stroll along the beachfront or go diving from an enormous platform. Then, in 1910, the fate of the Beach changed as a small roller coaster, called the Figure 8, was constructed. The ride was immensely popular,521720_10151295729190733_2076337762_n drawing crowds in ever growing numbers, and in turn causing an explosion of activity. All kinds of rides, concession stands, and games began to appear.  More boats began to make stops at Waukesha Beach, and trolley lines began to arrive with visitors on a daily basis. Two new roller coasters were added,and many other amusements awaited visitors, as Waukesha Beach. Time, and the economy had it’s way with Waukesha beach and now what stands a test of time is just that Waukesha Beach at Pewaukee Lake.

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